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Page history last edited by Harold Olejarz 13 years, 1 month ago



In 1997 I set up www.olejarz.com. Over the course of the last ten years I have heard from people with the Olejarz name from as close as New Jersey, USA, where I live, and as far as France and Poland. Olejarz is of Polish origin.


My father, Leijb Olejarz, was a Polish Jew who survived the Holocaust and wound up in Berlin at the end of the Second World War where he met my mother in Berlin. My sister was born in Berlin in 1949. My father went to the USA and my mother and sister followed a year or two later. I was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1952. My parents’ marriage came apart and my father disappeared. My mother said he moved to Israel and from the time I was 7 or 8 I never heard from my father again. It was only after my mother's death in March of 2005 that I learned that my father did move to Israel and at one point asked that I visit him. My mother never told me of his request. To this day I do not know where my father is or if my father is dead or alive.


When we lived in Brooklyn my father had a cousin who lived in the Boro Park section. I have lost touch with them.


Dear Harold,
    My name is Howard Olarsch. My father Irving sponsored 2 cousins from Poland who had survived the holocaust. Cousin Leibel and his German wife were in my apt. in Bklyn with your sister. I was at another site and saw a photo and recognized them. I also remember your sister who was the blondest blond child I had ever seen up to that time. I also remember when your father abandoned the family and left for Israel. I was about 10--11 at the time. My wife and I were traveling thru Eastern Europe last yr. and tried getting info on our family  ( Olarsch =Olejarz )  during our week in Poland . Nada !  Ihave 2 first cousins w/ the same name & we have some contact.
                                                                Howard O
Its the best of the Olarsch tree that I have. How your father relates to either Louis or David, I`m not sure. There are 2 girls from the David side who just discovered me last wk. and that`s how this started. There is an Edwin Olarsch who lives in L.I. and was a prof. of mine in dental school.
                                                 Howard O
    1st generation ---- Louis Olarsch                         David Olarsch

                     From s/e Poland -small town called Guvrov. They were very religious.

                     My grandpa Louis was an officer in the Russian army --1896

             Louis/Rifka had three boys-- Abraham --Marv's father

                                                     Irving   ----- Howard's father

                                                     Benny ----- Leonard's father   

Louis was a shoemaker and ran a shop in Harlem (99th St) -3rd Ave. till he passed

away in June 1948.

             David Olarsch ran a dry goods - army/navy type store on Front St in

             Elizabeth, NJ. The brothers Louis and David saw each other and I can

             recall going there with my father Abraham and my Uncle Benny when I

             was a boy.

             David had three kids ---- Morris - Louis -  and Anna

             Your father Herbert was Morris' son. I have no other info on Louie and Anna.


I invite others with the last name of Olejarz to contribute to this page and make connections.

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